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Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 7th update

For the past two weeks I have been working on a puppetry job and needed to put down the work on The Gnomes for awhile. But for the last day or two, I have been revisiting the "Gnomes in a Gnutshell" e-storybook and the Business Plan. It seems as though there may be one or more opportunities lingering on the edge of moving forward and I decided that the electronic packaging needed to be reviewed as a tool for that advancement.

I am making the electronic package the priority in this regard. Although there are still 348 illustration panels required for the entire book set to be completed, I am assembling the preview package to be a representative of the finished product, even though there is more work to be done on that end of things. To my way of thinking, this will not prevent us building a board of directors or locating investors.

As I have said, the Libretto is finished, which means the sets, costuming and other designs can advance. Most of the music has a draft score and I am continuing with the piano adaptations and the divisi/lead sheets, so recording can begin to take place with live performers, even if they are only studio musicians who are doing it for samples. Obviously, we will want the stage performers to record their renditions, but for the purpose of filming the show with puppets, the music will be studio versions anyway. So, in that regard, I am working toward setting up a RAID Array, particularly for use with Final Cut Studio for the film and Digital Performer for the music, and then, of course integrating the two.

So other than refining the digital package for Industry Review, I am working on the design and implementation of the parade float. Presenting the material in a parade will need to take place prior to opening the show in a theatre, so that needs to be done first... for publicity purposes. The parade float is part of a stage design that I have been wanting to implement for years, and although I did have buyers for the stages, now I have a good excuse to do it for our own use. So I am looking into gathering the hardware to build the float. One nice thing about this approach is that the supplies which we will use on the float can also be used in little theatre, street fairs and Gnome-Fest. So all that work is taking priority over mounting the show in a first class or LORT house. I an not inclined to pursue academia, because we need to build a committed crew, but that might be worth doing for samples and possibly the concert presentation. In terms of the concert presentation, that show could be set up so that it requires less commitment and expense by eliminating sets and a crew. Cast requirements for that would be closer to a few principles as in an operatic concert, and that could be done script-in-hand.

So that's the general direction of the thinking right now. In terms of investment which will show a return, the focus has to be on publishing and refinement of a few ancillary markets. The timing of the release of these items, however, need to be subject to the schedule for the stage production, although some release of cinema could happen prior to the stage show, basically serving as promotion. The larger film, whether it is CG animation, classic animation (which is preferable), a combination of both, possibly integrating puppetry, or  live performance, the larger film needs to be reserved for release until after the stage show hits Broadway. That means there will be numerous try-outs before we get to that point, including the parade.

So I gotta go, so that's all for now. AG