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Monday, March 23, 2015

Never Been So Near, animated video

An Updated Version with comments

I reset the date so this is closer to the top
but I have not changed the comments 

Here's a sample animation.
Sorry it is rather low definition
I'll try to replace it with an uncompressed version
that looks much better!

This is the first song that opens the  stage musical.

There are seventy songs composed & arranged for this musical.
A three movement Symphony is in the works

There are multiple versions of the show
designed for different venues
which run
 1.50, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75 and 3.00 hours

 But the full version Is The Best
and includes a dance sequence

Most recent thoughts 
regarding insertion of film and music into the e-storybook

The issue right now is Digital Rights Management
and the format of the files
required to include music and video.

Distribution via the internet as an e-storybook 
may be effected by the size of the files
due in part to the artwork.

Inclusion of the music and video
as well as 
the artwork for illustration
may require the product to be distributed as a DVD.

We are reviewing what might be possible in this regard.

It is possible that there will be more than three volumes
due in part to an expanded back-story
which is not included in the stage musical. 

Previous considerations
regarding layout of the e-storybook

Volume One 
An Introduction to the Gnomes of New Hope
 Volume One is complete and  consists of the artwork
which we have been creating over the last five years,
along with a Narrative text,
 which introduces people to aspects of life in Gnomeville.
This is intended to prepare the reader to understand the events in

 Volumes Two & Three
Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure
A Narrative Edition of the Libretto

  Volume Two is complete  with the exception of
scenes eight & nine not being illustrated

All the instrumental music for Act One/Volume Two
has been converted to MP3 and included in the e-storybook.

However, the music for Act Two
has not yet been converted to MP3
and has not been inserted into  the e-storybook.

The instrumental music is intended to be replaced
by video such as the animation, exemplified above.

The intention is that each of the lyrical songs will be
accompanied by a Sing-a-long  as part of the e-storybook
because the storybook contains all of the lyrics.

Since producing these animations will take quite some time,
 the eBook will be able to updated as the films are completed.
As you can see in the above film, the lyrics are revealed
where in the melody line they occur.

All of the music is designed for use with the stage musical
and some of it is intended to bridge the scenes or be background music
All the music is are intended to accompany stage action
and therefore is specialized for that purpose.
This means that, in some instances, the music will not stand on it's own
or make sense without the context of the stage show.

Nonetheless, the bridges are included in the e-storybook.

Eventually, the use of puppetry and animation in the films
will make the instrumental bridges clearer
when they are used in the proper context.

Production activity: Composition and Arrangement

Shawn and I have gotten together to discuss this after a six month hiatus.
While I focused on other business, preparation of the storybook,
experimenting with film, work on building animatronic puppets
and laying out the e-storybook,
he has been involved in a number of stage productions.

We have discussed what we need to do about advancing the music,
continue with finishing the arrangements,  compositional work
on the Overture/Symphony and more importantly,
bouncing the instrumental music that is already finished 
 for Act Two, which is needed for Volume Three of the e-storybook.

I have moved deeply into  Act Two/Volume Three of the e-storybook,
and am focusing on the text layout, without illustrations.

For those portions of the storybook that reflect the Libretto directly
the illustrations are complete, since the Libretto is fully illustrated.

For those portions of the storybook that have been expanded with
more detailed back-story and embellished text
more illustration work will need to be done.

Our current status is that we are at a standstill 
in terms of music production.

The computer equipment in my studio is failing
for the burden on processing the artwork and music production
 is too much for the equipment that I have
and I've burned out more than one computer.

So I will need to upgrade completely before we can advance very far.

Fortunately I have enough machinery to continue in the
work which does not require so much processing power
and so I am moving forward without working on illustrations.

Once I upgrade the machinery,
will be proceeding to review the musical materials needed
 for Volume Three, return to illustration work,
move back into studio recording and work on scoring.

At that time I will be able to move back into animation.

Older thoughts previously posted

This film represents the proposed animated films
to be inserted in the eBook
along with the instrumental music.

This style of animation will be the first stage in moving forward
toward full animation and when the puppets
are completed for the first scene,
we will film that and either integrate that into the animation
such as you see here or do another version.

Our goal is to proceed with both the animation and puppetry work,
 as you see here, and leave the live performance for the future.

I am continuing to build the exhibition and now have a 1" scale model
which we are using as part of the cyclorama aspect
of the walk thru exhibition/show.

The legit stage design will vary from what you see in the animation,
 but the backdrops and characters will be used in the cycloramas.

My expectation is that the characters used in the cycloramas
 will also be used for the toy figurines and  these figurines
will be available for licensing, when I complete the patent work
on a special articulating joint I have designed for this purpose.

I can discuss this or other licensing at any time.

The Love song Completely (linked above)
is the next subject for an animation
and the illustrations for that are half-way complete.

I will be releasing the Preface to the e-storybook with animations
as a free download and further discussions of the e-storyook
will take place in the near future.

As you might imagine, this is intended to spur further interest
and involvement with our business partners.

If you find this interesting
and would like to help us move forward
by becoming a Vested Partner
 do contact me.