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Monday, January 23, 2017

Sudden Distraction

 My post just got erased! What A drag.

The sudden requirement that focus on Vehicle Maintenance has taken away from the progress for the last month or two. But I put it off in order to finish the Core Creative Materials and contracts required for The Gnomes.

Because of recent discussions with investors, I realized that those contract materials needed review. So, after building The Business Plan, a revisiting of the Foundational Finance contracts was appropriate. All told, these materials are critical for the release of The Industry Review Package and they are almost ready for release. References to the Production Management modus operandi allow for movement into pre-production in some arenas. The management plan for this project is largely based on the implementation of sub-categories in the overall budget. The details of this are reserved for our Vested Producing Partners and are available at the studio after discussion on the subject. I will not be posting that information on the web. Later, The Producing Partners web site, a member only site, will have all that information and much more posted.

That's all for now, AG

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shift of Attention

Work on The Gnomes spans a wide range of activities, so other non related activities must take place to support that range of activities as well. One arena which has been pushed aside in lieu of the Core Creative Materials for the Gnomes has been the maintenance of assorted vehicles belonging to IMS. So because forward momentum is expected in the assorted production arenas, it is critical that the trucks be reviewed and serviced. With that in mind, the primary focus of attention is replacing the engines and transmissions of the work vehicles. The need has been growing and this service now needs to be addressed.

In terms of actual production activities, the stop-action puppetry is the primary focus of attention, even though work is still proceeding on publishing. I've evaluated the equipment needs for the animation work we are planning and I am impressed with the Sony still cameras for our particular application. I am anticipating building a three camera set-up on our model sets, but first I will be doing tests using a green screen as a backdrop for the model stop-action puppets. Along those lines, creating the proper sized sculptures for the puppet heads will be a priority. I think the first level in this regard will be heads that are not animated.

Since our family business is a machine shop, I am inclined toward robotics as a focus. The larger Puppets have been constructed taking animatronics into account. Of course they are far from finished, in part because I am trying to devise a design that will emulate muscular movement. I won't get into that right now, but I have a conceptual design for an artificial muscle. I may like to continue to pursue that, but that is a complicated endeavor which will be too distracting from the primary direction we need to proceed in. But I do think producing the sample of a stop-action film is important, so I am proceeding with the basic puppet design for that, figuring on the green screen being the factor that will integrate the puppetry into the existing art work we have of Gnomeville. I have been planning the set construction. Computer issues so I will continue this later. AG

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Newest acitivity

The work on contracts and production management continues but the most recent effort is to confirm the e-book functionality. I finally gave in and got a smart phone, so I thought I'd test it out on the phone. So far so good, but that made, me realize that hadn't finished making the Digital Proposal Materials work entirely the way I want them to be. When I finally hand over the materials to other Industry Professionals and other participants, I want the materials to be very comprehensive and sufficiently complete to advance the production. Ultimately these materials will be part of the e-storybook release to the public, but for now it is only for our Producing Partners, Investors, and Creative/Production Staff. That's all for no.w AG