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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Latest Activity

I'm busy scoring the music. It's a massive amount of work. 70 songs of different lengths many of which have multiple voice parts and are orchestrated for as much as 24 pieces in a pit orchestra. Much of the music was composed and arranged under the presumption that the melody lines were intact, but I discovered that that was not the case, so I need to rebuild the melody lines for a lyrical delivery. The songs which were arranged previously, if the melody line was split up in the arrangement, will become instrumental versions. SO I am rebuilding the songs for the lyrical versions and I am creating the SATB versions along with lead sheets and the conductor's score. This is a huge amount of work, so I an honkered down working on that and not so much working on other production activities. I stopped working on the puppetry and sculpting garden Gnomes because of the efforts required with the music. The publishing activities have also been put on hold, with the exception of some efforts to raise the working capital to continue with Illustrations. Basically I need to raise 50K to get the artist back on the job. The business plan is very much assembled along with the basic Industry Review Package, although I stopped working on the contract materials in lieu of the music scoring work which MUST be finished. I am expecting to seek to have the song "You're the One" played by a notable orchestra to gain credibility. At this moment I forget what the next step is, but I have a great game plan in that regard. My work most recently is to build a MIDI orchestra which can be used in the studio with the green screen stage. My plan is to wire the stage as a sound stage to work in conjunction with the programming which I am now setting up. It is a variation on the system which we were using, one which will be a great advancement and applicable to numerous arenas which we are pursuing. That's all for now. AG