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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Orchestral Scoring

For the past few weeks I have been concentrating solely on the musical score. It has been necessary to rebuild the Melody Lines as a whole, but specifically for (what I consider to be) the best song in the show. Don't get me wrong, there are numerous good songs in this batch of 70 songs, but "You're The One" just stands out with a number of amazing riffs and it tells a good portion of the story, if only by inferences. So I have been focused on rebuilding the Melody Line, adding new phrases (which were never properly interpreted into music) and creating a lead sheet for the song. I am now moving into the Conductor's score and I am excited to see that finished. I am enthused by the idea that I am refining the process and format so that the remaining scoring work will be much easier to bring about correctly. Once the score is sufficiently completed, the only work that needs to be done are the illustrations for the remaining volumes of the Storybook. Once that is all done the core product will be complete and other matters pertaining to production can be focused on. Overall, Musically, I am focused on making sure that we have Lead Sheets and piano reductions for all the music. The Orchestral Arrangements are for the most part finished, but the scoring for all the music needs to be finished. I have draft print-outs for many songs, but I sm concentrating on refining a few of the best songs with a usable score. After that I will be seeking to have one or more songs performed by a world-class orchestra. Of course I will also be pursuing distribution of the business plan and furtherance of the puppetry goals. We are preparing to record another song and the vocal artist is learning the lyrics. I will probably review the orchestrations for that song after I am finished with the one I m working on now. The difference between the two songs is that "The Song of Wisdom" is a solo and "You're The One" is a choral number that is spread out across a number of characters with an array of counterpoints. Orchestration for both of these songs is quite excellent, so my mission will be to make sure we have a usable score. I am faced with a flaw in Digital Performer's Quickscribe. My expectation is that an upgrade to the most recent version will solve that transcription problem, since I had numerous in depth conversations with MOTU over that problem and they wanted me to have the new program. Unfortunately for me I am still using a PPC Mac, so I need to upgrade all my equipment. That's all for now. AG

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Latest activity

Well, for quite some time I had been preparing the Business Plan. The major part of that is finished and available for review to industry professionals who may like to invest or be involved to a greater degree. I prefer business associations to take place out of my studio location in Southampton for various reasons, not the least of which is that production activity will be primarily taking place from that location. Obviously, engagement with studio operations in Hollywood, New York or London will need to take other factors into account, but the magnitude of this project on an international scale is such that I feel completely justified in expecting any discussions or negotiations to take place in my studio. I have spent over twenty-five years developing this project, have set up production facilities to meet the needs of the production, and intend to proceed with matters from my location, without regard to expectations or demands that I capitulate by jumping through hoops that are simply outside of my immediate capabilities. Basically that means that I simply want to stay put and continue to work on the project from my location. Now I know that may sound a bit belligerent, but frankly I am very tired and still have a great deal of work to do, which translates into continuing to work from my location to produce results, while inviting others to join me and availing themselves of what we have already built. If it is very apparent that this project needs to move into another organizational structure, I have made accommodations for that in the business plan. I have been engaged in the construction of puppets, with a mind toward animatronics and I am moving forward with preparing the two staging areas for use in both animation and set construction for a product which will fit into The Bucks County Playhouse. With all that in mind my focus is also toward the parade float, but for now finishing off the music scoring and preparing to record a number of songs is the priority. We are getting ready to record "The Stone of Wisdom" one of the epic tales told by The Master Gnome. So basically, I am nearly overwhelmed, but moving forward anyway. We've discussed moving forward with the Illustration work and I am seeking to raise 50K in order to pay the artist for the remaining work for the Seven Book Series. In the mean while I am getting ready to start casting the puppet heads and then move forward with the mechanics of building a puppet that will be activated by a MIDI signal. Those puppets will be used both in the theme park environment and the parade float, so continuing in that direction is productive. That's all for now. AG