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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Most Recent Activity

The Gnome-sized Edition of the Storybook has been perfected and the production line methods have been confirmed. I estimate that under optimal circumstances we could produce as many as 500 books per day. I've moved over to perfecting the Big Peoples Book, which is a full size book. Assembly line methods for manufacturing the books is still being perfected, so quantities and pricing are not yet perfected or established. This is almost ready. But all books will be released as signed and numbered Limited Editions. The purpose for this is to raise the capital needed to complete the Artwork for Volume Three. These Limited Edition books will only be offered as a gift to investors who are contributing to our production costs. In addition to other elements which need further refinement before the books can be released to the public, we need to advance with our puppetry, so that when the books are released we will have a promotional presentation to go with the release of the Storybooks. Book one of the Seven Book collection is an Introduction to The Gnomes of New Hope and this book will be released first as a primer to the entire series. Timing for all of this is not yet determined, because it is important that we have the remaining six books ready to release in a timely manner. I have not determined if I will be pitching this to the industry prior to the release of the book, as I am waiting to see if anyone wants to jump in before we initiate a marketing push. The first part of The Business Plan has been released to Broker, so something may come of that, but more work is needed to be done on that before it is ready to be distributed more widely. But any way you look at it, once we engage in the business plan more actively, we will be committed to following through. Out of time, that's all for now. AG

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Quick Update

I don't have much opportunity to post these days but here is the latest news. Production line activities are advancing. I am working on perfection the assembly procedures and constructing fixtures for assembling the books. Other aspects of the studio operations are taking place, so much so that I am focusing on setting up the sales office so that brokers and sales people can come in to review the materials and agreements to engage in distribution activities. My concentration is to refine operations in house, and that includes our work on the sound stage and film/video activities. I am particularly interested in stop-action animation and I am also considering what we need to do to begin constructing miniatures for that purpose. In regard to releasing the books to the public, it has become clear that both the Gnome-sized and Big-People editions need to be released at the same time. That means that I will need to complete both point-of purchase displays and I intend to have two versions of each, to accommodate different sized shelf space which might be available. In this regard we also need to have the ability to accommodate some of the companion products (such as the music and audio book CDs). One important issue which needs to be resolved is that of DRM, without the proper approach to DRM we cannot release the e-Storybook, so until we are in a position to address that issue, the focus of attention will be on other production activities. Again there is the work on puppetry and other product lines which needs attention and without a conclusion on some of these items, release to the public cannot happen. That being said, the work inside of the studio on refining the sound stage, scene shop and art department.Book One will be released and the income from sales will fund the further illustrations required to complete the other volumes. It would be correct to say that we have enough art, which has been applied to Books One thru Four, after that we are running short and need to finish that work (as mentioned elsewhere. I'll be back later for now I'm posting this.