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Monday, November 2, 2015

Business Plan

Well, I've been busy getting ready to release the Gnomes to the industry. If you are a producer, agent, studio organization, or other industry professional interested is seeing the business plan, contact me via The business plan will be available on CD Rom and will also contain the required Restrictive Covenant Agreement. The core materials are ready to present, but other details in that regard still need to be completed. No materials will be distributed without a signed RC Agreement. Other work that is continuing relates to setting up the production lines for manufacturing the published items and preparing the inventory to meet demand when this is officially released. Studio activities are a priority right now and posting information online about what is happening will have to take a back seat to production line activities. Other studios activities surround renovations to the facility, puppetry and sculpture. I am also working on producing a collection of dolls as an addition the the numerous products in our showroom. Some degree of work is being done on finalizing the score for publication and I am concentrating to some degree on preparing the sound stage for the orchestral and vocal recordings which will be taking place. We are getting ready to start working on illustrations and animation again, contingent only upon an increase in investment. With that in mind I am relocating the files to the new production management office and setting up/expanding upon the art department. I have posted sufficient information for anyone serious about being involved and do not expect to spend too much time online for the time being. So overall, great progress is occurring, but reporting that progress online is taking a back seat to actually doing the work. AG