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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big People Book

Well as it turned out the processor didn't die. It was a peripheral that was causing it to not start-up. So I moved forward to finish the "Big People Book". This is where we stand. I have focused on finishing the prototype editions of the published books. The e-Storybook is finished (with the exception of the artwork which has yet to been created). There is a rather large list of artwork which is required for the completion of the series. My goal is to put 50K in the bank to cover paying Jency to finish the work. Everything has been identified as to what needs to be done, so once I have those funds she can come in to start working again. I could start on less, but I'd rather have that amount available. The prototype books have all been printed. That includes the "Gnome-sized Booklet" (a small collection which will cost less to purchase), "the Big People Book" (a full size book, approximately 8x10 in size) and the e-Storybook. The packaging for all these products is in the works and we are trying to determine what the margin will allow for a retail price. I am trying to shoot for the "Gnome-sized" Edition to sell for $4.95 retail/book, while I expect the Big People Book to sell for $16.95/book and I expect the e-Storybook to sell for $39.95 for the set. The published editions will be sold individually and in boxed sets. There are three volumes in the set with a total of seven books. Each book is approximately 100 pages. I am currently focusing on setting up IMS Publishing as the manufacturing and distribution arm of the published goods owned by Image of the Mind Studios. I am setting up a production line for these products, even though we do have sub-contractors lined up. I want to make sure that IMS Publishing is one of the manufacturing organizations who will be supplying product, but in all instances, inventory will ship from IMS after inspection. The initial release of the product will be in Bucks & Mercer Counties with the radius centering out of New Hope. I will discuss those plans at another time. But for now I am focusing on preparing the Industry Package and I still am looking to negotiate certain rights in order to secure working capital. If I manage to get past the need for working capital to advance the product line, then I will not be open to licensing, because at that point the management will take place internally. Of course that only refers to the arenas that are within the immediate purview of IMS. other merchandising will still be licensed. There's a bit of an update. If you are a Literary Agent who may be interested in this, do write me, as it is now quite possible to do that. I expect any business discussions to take place at my studio, as I am too busy and obliged with other matters to do anything else. That's all for now. AG