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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

iPad Tests

Well, I have to report that the e-Storybook looks SO INCREDIBLY GOOD that I can't believe it!  The layout looks better on the pad than it does on my computer. I am amazed! And it works great in Kindle's App as a PDF e-book.

I am currently reconfiguring the file structure and the encryption layout, so it won't be long before the entire three-volume set will be available to the industry. There are more illustrations required before I am willing to release it to the public, because I want every page to be as rich as the first two volumes.  As it turned out I have created another volume in the form of an Appendix. The files which are part of the History of Gnomanity, basically the Gnomic Tales, have been separated out of the story which is conveyed in the Libretto to the stage musical. So the number of pages in this three volume set is pretty high.  I am up to Scene Eleven out of Nineteen and my page numbers are approaching 400. So I expect this will be an epic tale in  terms of an Illustrated Storybook.

I am also busy sculpting the puppet heads, integrating the mechanics of the eye movements with the sub-structure of the skull/chassis.  We are getting ready to construct the bodies over the chassis for the puppets, as I have concluded that the mechanical design for the manual puppets will be essentially the same as that of the animatronic chassis.  I have discovered an interesting method of creating the epidermis for the faces, so I am moving forward to finish a few prototypes in that regard.

My thinking in terms of the e-storybook is to look more for a partner who has the marketing and distribution channels already open so that we can achieve deep saturation in the market. If this is an arena you are involved in, I am open to discussing this, but in lieu of hearing from anybody in this regard, I do plan on moving forward with a marketing and distribution plan. My focus of attention, however is on other theatrical support activities, such as the parade float and a staged presentation of the puppetry for marketing in small venues (such as bookstores & libraries).

For the time being I am preserving the distribution of the e-book to work in conjunction with the distribution of the hard copy, so whoever jumps in on the hard copy will benefit from that marketing effort, at least until I move forward without the hard-copy.

The formula for Gnome Gnog is finished and I am moving forward to locate a supplier for the powdered mix. The song "Gnome Gnog" has the lead sheets and the piano adaptation finished, so we could move forward to record and create an animation to market that product if I cut a deal for the distribution of that product line.

Also, I am looking at setting up an injection molding operation to support the prototype runs of the toy lines and the marketing plan for  "Gnomes in a Gnutshell". So there's a lot going on.

That's all for now.  AG