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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Archive: Older thoughts on various subjects

This Week's Thoughts  (9/1/14)

The work on "Gnomeville" for the past few weeks has moved slowly forward as I have been creating a piano adaptation and lead sheet in four part harmony for one of the larger choral numbers in the show.

My recent thoughts have been toward releasing the e-Storybook as other preparations are being made to create a deliverable PDF of that e-Storybook and on that front - my thinking is that I will withdraw the Front Money Offer once the e-Storybook is released.  The way I see it - once I begin to create the expected cash flow from product sales, I intend to derive all growth from those sources and not so much from investment.  Of course these plans are apt to change depending on the needs, circumstance and actual resources available. Part of the plan is to prepare a Limited Partnership, even if (hopefully) it becomes unnecessary.

So if anyone wants in on the Front Money Investment offer, I suggest you take advantage of it while it is still  on the table. I see no need to pay high rates of return if I don't have to. If you need more details on that offer, I have posted it on this blog, the IMS Virtual Studio blog or send me an email at and we can open a dialogue in that regard. Of course, you can also broach the subject with me personally.

My primary goal at this point it to replace/upgrade all my computer/cinema systems and programs which will be required for our rapid advancement of this project.  I am also looking for talented producers who want to be involved with different aspects of this, including Gnome Fest. But I want to be very clear that being a producer means bringing in production funds not simply managing production activity and the invitation is to produce under the banner of IMS.

Other than additional artwork for the e-storybook Volume III, all the creative materials are ready for advancement into production in an assorted number of arenas. My focus of attention is moving to equipment and facilities, so inviting other producers/organizations in for production is now on the table. I want to be clear that at this point, I am inviting association with the game plan I already have laid out and been progressing with, but I am not unreceptive to an outright sale to another larger and more capable organization under the right conditions.


Last Week's Comments

After having spent the last week or so working on the Piano Adaptations for Act II, I have concluded that this will be the focus of attention until all music for the show has been converted to Lead Sheets and Piano adaptations.

No further recording, composition or scoring will take place, no work on puppetry, illustrations or animation, and no further development of cinema, product design or packaging for ancillary markets.

Hence forth, all activities, in any arena,  will be contingent upon significant investment  with defined goals for those funds.  Any investment must also support the general operating expenses of the studio as well as the specific needs of the production arena, as we are not implementing into the marketplace  to create cash flow until all corners of the production are firmly established and we are able to meet the demand which will occur with release of the product to the public. We will not release the product in bits and pieces. We are seeking a contiguous (preferably international) marketing effort across the board.

In the past I have had investors who have wanted their investment to go for one thing and not something else. This will no longer be the case, as the investment will encompass the overall operation at my discretion which will include specifically defined goals for the production.

All my personal resources and efforts will now be going toward facilities and equipment for IMS as a whole, and not into The Gnomes, other than to improve the production capabilities.  The exception is that of the time required for me to establish and refine internal production management structure as it pertains to the overall operation (and consequently the Gnomes) and complete the refinement of the core product for The Gnomes, which at this point is only the lead sheets and piano adaptations.  Once that is done other marketing activities will take place.

When the entire package is filled in with those items, and the presentation package is completed, my attention will be turned wholly to other unrelated matters, unless I find sufficient investment partners to allow complete attention to both the Gnomes and those other matters. That means that I may shift to other (theatrical/cinematic) projects which were pushed aside  for the sake of the Gnomes.

I have been working virtually full time on The Gnomes of New Hope for more years than I can count and have diverted all my resources and time to the development of this one project. Continuing to do this will create undue burden on other areas of need, which happen to also be required for advancement with the Gnomes.  So it is now time for me to return to those other matters which are in great need of attention.  I loathe risking the decay of the momentum on the Gnomes, but attendance to those other matters requires it because they are getting in the way of advancing as rapidly as I would like.

Hence, the core materials for the Gnomes is almost as complete as it can be at this point and further forward momentum is wholly contingent upon significant further investment, to a degree that is beyond my immediate and relatively insignificant resources.

This also implies that advancement of the Gnomes of New Hope: Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure  may be more viable in the hands of a Theatrical Agent while I am focusing on other matters.

Until that changes, this may be the last post on this blog for awhile. If you peruse the postings in this blog you will gain all the information you will need to perceive the magnitude of this project, short of the core material, story-line, and contracts, which items are only available to our investors and creative partners.

The most I expect to do on this blog in the near future is to post more artwork along the side panels.

For future updates refer to the IMS Virtual Studio, which will now be receiving my attention.   AG