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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gnome Gnog

I was talking to Gnuthead the other day and he said:
I have discovered the formula for Gnome Gnog ! 
 Of course the ingredients are somewhat different than those 
shown on this proposed label, but it's pretty darn good! 

That's Gnuthead kneeling down. He invented Gnome Gnog
and that's Gnomus standing up,
he's Gnuthead's business partner at
The Gnot Hole, Gnomeville's Famous Eatery.

We've tried numerous formulas - but this, the most recent one, is quite good.  There are some variations we need  to try because of the different markets we will be wanting to approach with this beverage, but when we are 100% satisfied that it is right, I will be looking for a company to produce the product in a powder form.

We will be offering Gnome Gnog as a concession item at the shows, as well as marketing it in supermarkets and presenting it to a brewery for a brewed version. So I want to have slightly different versions of the Flavor for the packets sold in the "hot chocolate" market and that sold in the beer market.

In addition to the beverage, we have Gnog Logs for the cookie/candy market  and Gnome Gnuts for the cereal market. There are a few other items in the works too.

If you are a company engaged in these markets and you want to be part of out product line as a licensee, do let me know.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sortagnomic Furniture

One aspect of our marketing for
 The Gnomes of New Hope is 
The Gnomeville Art & Craft Guild

We have been developing a catalogue of products, 
putting together a showroom and an exhibition area at the studio  
and building the prototypes for a number of our products. 
Here is one of them.
Some story-line elements have changed from what you see here.
The Gnomes refer to humans as Big People.

I like to think the flyer is self explanatory. 
There is an order form below. 

At some point I hope to inventory 25 -50 of these chairs, 
so they will be ready for shipment at any time.  
So far I am still in the prototype stage with this 
and I am trying to work out the shipping box 
as well as some other hardware components.
 This chair will be sold as a kit.

 If you would like to purchase any number of these kits, do let me know.  
I would like to have a distributor buy a couple of hundred
 so I can get the production up to speed. 
I will take order for any quantity. 

Delivery is not fixed as yet
but the manufacturing process is almost refined.
there  is a price listed  on this copy of the order form
but that price will need to be confirmed.
I will proceed with that if you contact me.