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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Quick Note

The Industry Review Package is almost ready for release. I require a signed Restrictive Covenant Agreement before I will release this Intellectual Property to anyone for review. If you would like to receive a copy of that Agreement via email send me a request (  or look on IMS Producing Partners to see a copy.

The next version of the e-Storybook will be an edition formatted for HDTV and that edition will eventually include videos of each scene, but for starters will have music videos for each song. All of this will take time, but that is the direction we are going, so if you are an investor, that is what we will be raising money for. If I release the e-Storybook to the public, then it is my hope that book sales will fund the CG Animation and puppetry for film.

Once the Industry Review Edition is released and begins to be distributed to potential partners, Licensing and Options are on the table for funding purposes.

Check out IMS Producing Partners and the Facebook pages for both Image of the Mind Studios and The Gnomes of New Hope, since I also post there from time to time. As it stands now, I intend to keep production activities limited to my resources and the studio space in Southampton. If someone has other ideas, let me know. I am open to all possibilities, but I am not holding my breath for someone else to do much of anything in terms of production. One thing I will not do is to go out begging. Been there done that. The extent of the development in this project is such that I can only handle managing the affairs from my studio at this point, since the bulk of the materials reside in the studio and we need to start off by working out of my location.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

September update

The major focus of attention has been on the e-Storybook for some time. Proofreading is driving me crazy! Since the e-book is based on a PDF format, whenever a correction is required, there are a number of other programs within which those corrections must be made. It all becomes rather complex. I've needed to restructure the book numerous times because of page numbering issues or errors. The most recent issue is file size. This e-Storybook is designed to function on your phone or e-pad. That means that I need to keep the file size at a level that will function rapidly when it loads into the memory of the devise. That sounds simple enough, but when the product incorporates artwork, complex artwork on every page, the file sizes increase substantially. So now that the functionality, in general, is working pretty well, I am reviewing the scenes to be certain that they load easily and do not jam up the devise.

Now an ongoing issue, that has delayed the release of the product to the public, has been DRM. Oddly enough, there are digital distribution outlets who have stated specifically that they will remove any DRM or Copyright information from the files they distribute. I find that appalling! I've worked on this project for 27 years! I'll be damned if I'm going to release this under any condition where people can copy it and/or distribute it for free over the internet. So one of the things I am working on is to assure that if any attempt to copy the material is made, the files will be erased. As it stands now, attempts to copy the files will destroy it's functionality and all the links which control the e-book will no longer work. But what I really want is for any attempt to "save as" to result in the complete erasure of all files. Unfortunately, I feel as though these measures are necessary because people do not respect the copyrights of authors and others who need to be paid for their work.

So that's where things stand with the project. As always, I am continuing to seek funding and participation from industry partners and others who are interested in taking advantage of the opportunity. I continue to preserve and protect the product line for the sake of it's overall value, but I do invite inquiries from professionals. As stated elsewhere, the Restrictive Covenant is required and that is posted on IMS Producing Partners blog.

It's tough that this is taking so long, but nothing good is quick and dirty.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Other Pages

I've attempted to place the links to the right, but so far they haven't shown up.

So I will the post the assorted links here for the time being;

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I tend to post on these pages as well as the others on Blogger.

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 I do not often post on Linked-in, so these pages are the best for review purposes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

IMS Producing Partners

I'm working more on production facilities and I am posting more thoughts on IMS Producing Partners. We need to be raising production funds, so I'm focusing more on that page, which deals more with management issues.

Also the Industry Review Package is almost ready so since that is directed towards build our team of vested partners, those discussions will be there.

I'm posting more from my phone, but that doesn't always work, so my posting dates and the order of what I am posting is somewhat out-of-whack.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Preparing the e-Storybook

  Doesn't that sound simple? Well it's not! There are so many issues that it is mind boggling. After weeks of prep, I now have to go back and redo the page backgound. Issues of alignment and color management between the linked files are driving me nuts. I think I have a grip on it, but now I am faced with needing to upgrade all my equipment and programs, so that the product goes through the final prep with the absolutely latest operating protocols. I keep going with the resources available to me, but I sure could use a substantial influx of capital. The dilemma is that util this e-Storybook is functioning properly and is "flawlessly consistent" there's not much I can do about it. I simply cannot release a flawed Product, even if it is only the Industry Review Package.

I know some folks have been waiting and watching, wanting to see this. The best I can do right now is to invite you to visit me at the studio, if you need to see more than I've already posted.

On another front, Contract activity is beginning to pick up. If you are interested in Licensing or Options, that is a good way for me to fund the finishing development and other work required for finishing the Illustrations. I will be addressing those issues on IMS Producing Partners. If you have a contract scenerio which you've found works for your operation, let me know, or submit those contracts, as I will be composing specific contracts in the near future, after the e-Storybook is finished for the Review Package.

I'm thinking that selling an Option for distribution might be a good way to go. Of course that option needs to be substantial enough to support a good chunk of production in that specific arena.

As it stands now, I have not signed with an agency, so all your inquiries will need to be direct. It may stay that way, simply because my concentration will remain in the non-union arenas. I expect to job out the union operations, since I don't want to deal with that.

That's all for now.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

e-Storybook Notes

      I've been attempting to post occasionally from my smartphone, but I am not confident about that posting properly to these blogs. I know that the phone works well with Facebook, which I think works better than Linkedin, so from the phone I prefer to post updates to the Facebook page. So I suggest you check there from time to time.

      I have been preparing the e-storybook for release to selected individuals and organizations. What that means is that the entire layout needs to be correct and functional as a PDF based e-book. I am finding that the files I used to publish the hard copies of the books are different because of the size differences of the books. The Big People's Book is based on letter sized paper, with only minor trimming. While the Gnome-sized Book will yield eight pages from the same size paper. Now on the hard copies, the pages need to have right & left gutters, so the page numbers are on the outside border. While the e-storybook uses one background page and places all the page numbers on the left hand side.

    So, preparing the e-storybook has been a matter of changing the page background on all the files. This is because, while publishing the Gnome-sized Book, I made small changes to the layout that helped to make the smaller books to have a bit more punch and clarity. Of course, those changes were made only on the Gnome-sized Book, which had different specifications than the other editions.

   After finishing the Business Plan, which really needs more attention, but is sufficient for present requirements, I moved to working further on the Score. That aspect of this project requires quite a bit more work, but a great deal has already been done in that regard. Because of the intensity of that type of work, but also because of the demands of other work that is progressing, I shifted off of the score in lieu of finishing the e-Storybook.

    Even though the Illustrations for the Storybook are not yet complete, a large part of the entire set of books is illustrated. So, I decided to advance all other aspects of the publishing work, setting up, both the published books and the e-Storybook to be ready for production and release, with only placement of the illustration panels needed to be done. The space has already been allotted for the illustrations, by defining the panels within the page layout.

   I thin this is a good approach to finishing the publishing, hard copy and digital, because moving forward with the illustrations is also moving forward with the animations, and having the publishing mechanicals out of the way is a good thing.

   Now, addressing release of the e-storybook; I need to be able to implement DRM and lock the files so that they cannot be copied, printed or disseminated in any unauthorized fashion. The last thing we want is to have the materials distributed on the internet for free. It has cost a small fortune to develop this material and we need to recoup those expenditures and then some. Producing the show will not be inexpensive and we need to assure the value of the project and create income. SO that is an issue in releasing the e-storybook. But I have to say that it looks really great, both on a smartphone and an e-pad.

    As it stands now, I doubt that we will be able to distribute the product by way of a download. You would think that wouldn't be a problem, but the files are rather large because they are heavily laden with artwork. I've tried compressed files, but they don't look nearly as good as the larger files.

   I believe that the digital product will be primarily distributed as "Gnomes in a Gnutshell"  because the Micro SD is a good medium for delivery. It works really well with most phone & pads, with the exception of the Apple i-Phone and i-Pad, because they don't us a Micro SD. If you ask me that is a serious flaw in the Apple products.

   So we are getting close. I am reformatting some of the components and trying to develop a method were multiple files will work continuously in synchronization, without difficulty for the end user, while allowing for upgrades. It's not easy.

   That's all for now. AG

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mobile Update​

As I mentioned elsewhere, I seem to have trouble with mobile postings. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. That results in a somewhat choppy account of activities. I apologize for that.

So the most recent activities have been in regard to preparing the full set of books to go to press. Even though more artwork is needed, the mechanical layout work still needs to happen for the remaining volumes. Book One of the set ran through a series of prototypes and I thought the layout was finished. Well I have found out otherwise.

Bacically, I changed the layout while printing the Book One prototypes and those changes did not get carried over into the balance of the books. They were small graphics changes to improve the end product. So I need to cross reference those changes and implement them in the remaining material, the layout for the remaining books.

There was another issue that ended up consuming a fair amount of time. For those of you preparing your own layouts, let me give you this advise - number your preface and appendix separately from the body of your text, especially if the body takes up more than one volume, or is marketed in numerous formats. That way you can change your preface to match the edition/market without effecting the numbering system in the body of the text. I just learned this the hard way and spent a good amount of time renumbering the pages, more than once!

So, in terms of publishing, I am focused on making the entire set press-up, even though I still need to insert the artwork into the layout, basically replacing descriptive panels with the actual art they describe.  As I'll mentioned elsewhere, I need to raise the funds to finish the artwork. A possible release of the first three books may achieve that, but I'd prefer to withhold release until all seven books are fully illustrated. As I've also pointed out elsewhere, that means 348 more illustrations. So not only will that cost over $50k, but that will take time as well.

That's all for now.