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Monday, February 12, 2018

Act One, Scene One of the Libretto

Since I am about to release Volume One of the Illustrated Storybook, I thought it appropriate to provide some samples of the Stage Musical upon which the Storybook is based.

As a means of providing a sample of the Libretto, here is a link to:

Act One, Scene One

(This is an older version, but for the most part it is correct.)

You will find that I have chosen to illustrate the Libretto and you will also see that I have included staging instructions. I anticipate that the Technical Operations Manual will be an expansion of the Libretto by including an assortment of drawings, such as renderings and costume specifications, stage plots for lighting, set movements and blocking, instrument schedules and cue sheets, supply lists and operation instructions for stage crew. Other management guidelines will also be included.

I anticipate building this show as a rental package, both for the live presentation and the puppet show.

I invite other producers to inquire and consider being involved.

Look for more discussions to follow.


Music Score

Now that The Core Creative Materials are sufficiently completed, I need to focus again on Scoring the remaining music. This is a monumental task, but it needs to be done.

Volume One "An Introduction to The Gnomes of New" is about to be released to the public so it is time to concentrate on making sure our music documentation is properly assembled so we can move into production.

Here is a link to the Artwork for the Music Score DVD

Link to Music & Artwork

I have repeated tried to post the artwork without success. So now I am trying to post it using a link.

"Gnomespheres, Instrumental Selections from The Gnomes of New Hope

While I'm at it, here is a link to one of the songs.

S.7g "You're The One"

This song has the entire village of Gnomeville sending Zach & Zebby's off on their Grand Adventure. It is one of my favorite songs in the show.

As it stands now all but one of the songs are instrumental. We have only recorded one song with vocalists. I will post that song later.



Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Posting images from a smartphone

I seem to be having trouble posting images to the blogs from a smartphone, whereas there isn't the same problems posting to Facebook. So until I solve that problem, images will end up on the Facebook page for The Gnomes of New Hope. AG

Some Music Samples

Here's a link to The Gnomes Facebook page.

The Gnomes of New Hope

If the Facebook link fails to function try this one to hear this song. But, for now, the cover art is on Facebook.

Act One, Scene 7

Song # S.7g "You're The One"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Volume One; An Introduction to The Gnomes of New Hope

Here is the cover to Volume One. The book is about to be released to the public. I'm working on planning a book tour and expect to release a Signed Limited Edition. The signed editions will only be available to persons who attend the signing sessions or who become investors in the production. There will also be a silent auction with bidding on the signed Limited Editions of the Constable Warren Garden Gnomes. More on this later. Check the Facebook page and IMS Producing Partners. AG

Marionette chassis

Here's a shot of a test chassis. You can see the relationship between the head and the body. This head is one of the modified "Gnome-skulls". On this one the neck has not been properly sized for length. This chassis has specially designed joints, which are not going to be used on the Marionettes, but rather on the articulating figurines and the animatronic puppets. The animatronic puppets will be used on the parade float, in the stage sets, and in the cyclorama presentation. I expect to be using mirco-neumatics or hydraulics. More on this later. AG