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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Posts on this blog

Lately, I have been posting from my smartphone and as I have said, posting images seems more often than not to fail. So, I apologize if there are posts where the artwork referred to seems to be missing. Be certain to check for links to the artwork or other sample materials, since "the Cloud" has now come into play. Also search the archive for older posts, because there are samples that were posted before I started to depend on the smartphone, including a video.

I have not had such problems posting to Facebook, so do check there if you like. I have pages there for both "The Gnomes of New Hope" and "Image of the Mind Studios".

When I manage to get my new computer systems up and running at the studio, which involves rewiring the building, I will review the blogs and try to rectify these posting issues.


Saturday, March 31, 2018


I had an enjoyable conversation yesterday about Gnomefication. You may have come across the term in some other posts or documents.

I have often thought about letting people become "Gnomefied".  Essentially this is akin to a characture, except that; those people who contribute to our production expenses (via an undetermined investment) would not only be Gnomified, but would also appear in the animated film.

In the discussion yesterday, my friends were very excited about being Gnomified and wanted me to make puppets of people who were Gnomified. Interestingly enough, this is not out of the realm of possibility.

Since I'm posting this from my smartphone, I cannot easily post photos (the last ten attempts failed) but if you go to the Facebook page, you will see some discussions and photos about puppetry.

Let me just say that I am investigating 3D printing for various projects, including it's application to puppetry, figurines of our characters, animation, and other product prototyping. So, Gnomifying a person and printing out a puppet head seems like something that could be done. It's not cheap, but it could be done.

We'll see what happens. AG

Monday, March 19, 2018

Discussion on Signed & Numbered Limited Editions

Volume One of The Gnomes of New Hope, an Introduction is about to be released.

It is being released as a Signed & Numbered Limited Edition. There are some discussions on the IMS Facebook page here;

I am crafting the parameters of the Limited Editions and discuss it in numerous places, but our investors gain the most advantage in this regard.

To address the subject of investment...

The Illustrated Storybook consists of Three Volumes which likewise consists of Seven Books. Each of the Books are being released individually as a Collector's Signed & Numbered Limited Edition prior to the public release. The purpose of the Limited Editions is to fund the remaining artwork and publication of the series. The editions are limited to 250 units and each issue is divided into three segments, the first being the most costly and so on. I am crafting the specifications for this Limited Edition Series, so that it meets the budget requirements to complete the entire series.

If you care to avail yourself of the opportunity to secure a portion of this collection, contact me either personally or via email. The value of the Collector Series is sure to increase when the show is successfully mounted and makes it to Broadway or becomes a finished film.

Front Money Investors automatically have an entire series number assigned to them. The higher the investment, the lower the number. Front Money investment has a three hundred percent return. So if you can afford to wait until we turn a profit, it's a phenominal opportunity.

We still need 345 panels to complete the illustrations and a low estimate is approximately $500 per panel, by the time it is usable for publication. Realistically, it's probably more than that, but I've managed to streamline the process. So you can do the math and see that I still need a chunk of change to finish this publishing project.

The theatre end of things is in low gear until publishing all three volumes is complete. I will say that the animation aspect will proceed in conjunction with the illustration work, since they are so closely connected. Oh, and I am working on building the puppets, because they will be part of the book and concert tours.

Do send me an email if you are interested in being involved as an investor or a creative/technical contributor.

Check out the Facebook pages, since I post there as well.


Friday, March 2, 2018

Music Artwork

I have repeated tried to post the artwork without success. So now, I am resorting to posting a link.

"Gnomespheres, Instrumental Selections from The Gnomes of New Hope

While I'm at it, here is a link to one of the songs.

S.7g "You're The One"

This song has the entire village of Gnomeville sending Zach & Zebby's off on their Grand Adventure. It is one of my favorite songs in the show.

As it stands now all but one of the songs are instrumental. We have only recorded one song with vocalists. I will post that song later.



Friday, February 23, 2018

Final Proof-read

I've been getting Volume One ready for the printers. I can hardly believe how many little details and mistakes find their way into a book. I have read this book over, literally hundreds, if not thousands, of times, with an eye to refinement of both the content and design. I think the Error Gnome is following me around and when I turn my back, he sneaks in and does his dirty work. It's almost ready.

I'll be printing a Limited Edition of 250 signed & numbered books. Each edition is being used for finance the next stage in production. In this instance, Volume One will finance the remaining art needed to illustrate Volume Two.

I will post the pricing one those numbered editions after the books go to press.

If you would like to reserve an edition, contact me via email at; image.of.the.mind.studios@gmail.

You will also be able to reserve all future Limited Edition Releases with matching numbers. I will provide details in the near future. AG

Monday, February 12, 2018

Act One, Scene One of the Libretto

Since I am about to release Volume One of the Illustrated Storybook, I thought it appropriate to provide some samples of the Stage Musical upon which the Storybook is based.

As a means of providing a sample of the Libretto, here is a link to:

Act One, Scene One

(This is an older version, but for the most part it is correct.)

You will find that I have chosen to illustrate the Libretto and you will also see that I have included staging instructions. I anticipate that the Technical Operations Manual will be an expansion of the Libretto by including an assortment of drawings, such as renderings and costume specifications, stage plots for lighting, set movements and blocking, instrument schedules and cue sheets, supply lists and operation instructions for stage crew. Other management guidelines will also be included.

I anticipate building this show as a rental package, both for the live presentation and the puppet show.

I invite other producers to inquire and consider being involved.

Look for more discussions to follow.


Music Score

Now that The Core Creative Materials are sufficiently completed, I need to focus again on Scoring the remaining music. This is a monumental task, but it needs to be done.

Volume One "An Introduction to The Gnomes of New" is about to be released to the public so it is time to concentrate on making sure our music documentation is properly assembled so we can move into production.

Here is a link to the Artwork for the Music Score DVD