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Friday, March 31, 2017

Music Samples (repost)

Years ago I signed up for SonicBids, but I found it to be more oriented toward bands that were touring and performing, not exactly what we are doing with The Gnomes of New Hope,
so I discontinued belonging to the service. However the music I posted 
is still there and you might like to hear some of the earlier samples.
So here's a link.

"Completely" was recorded using two excellent vocalists
Nathan Odhner & Justine Buss

I expect we will pick up with recording the music 
after the Industry Review Package starts making the rounds 
and we gather more working capital. 


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Monday, March 20, 2017

Work Progress on the Business Plan

All of the materials are being prepared for distribution on DVD and I am considering developing a PowerPoint presentation. I suppose that will have to happen, but for now I am focusing on components of the contract structure that are being presented in the Business Plan.

I am setting up the Film/Video editing bench again for various reasons. I have around eight films laying around which need editing, but I also need to get going for the Animated Version of  "The Gnomes of New Hope; Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure".  So that will also lead to more work on Stage One at Studio 1325 to set up the green screen.

I am also preparing the Garden Gnomes for a Limited Edition Release of Book One of the Storybook to our Vested Partners. With the completion of the Industry Review Package and assorted registrations, the Storybook can be released and that is moving forward.

For the past few weeks I have been working on Licensing and Options and as that work has progressed in such a way that it has become more detailed. I was intent on simply addressing the issues in a somewhat cursory way, but that turned into a more detailed document, primarily addressing Setup, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Inspection, Billing and Distribution aspects of the Ancillary/Merchandising markets. Of course that pertains to Licensing.

Options has an entirely different set of issues to be dealt with. So I've addressed some of those issues as well. That has led me into the stock issue. So today I was dealing with stocks, since I am selling 50% of the shares to The Elder Gnomes Joint Venture. Of course those shares are sold to the twelve member Board of Governing Executive Directors. So, in essence, there are twelve million shares assigned to the Elder Gnomes, one million for each board position. Each board position is a vested position at one dollar per share. This is just a heads up for anyone who is in a position to consider being a board member, but the twelve positions are specific to the twelve divisions of responsibility required for supervision of the domestic and international markets. All of this is contingent upon establishing the four organizations required to implement the overall plan. Without providing details, those organizations are as follows; Image of the Mind Studios - Development, Artistic Direction, The Elder Gnomes Joint Venture - Finance, Executive Producing, IMS Management, Inc. Logistics across the board, above the line and The Gnomes of New Hope Productions - Production Management, below the line. That's it... in a Gnutshell. (Gnomes in a Gnutshell, get it?)

In the meanwhile, the subject of building the sets has cropped up. I'm considering that aspect of things, while focusing on rebuilding the primary work vehicles of IMS.  I put that maintenance off while working on the Core Creative Materials and now that most of that is sufficiently finished in order to move into production (mind you, not finished enough for release to the public, but enough for the Industry Review and finance activities). So bringing the vehicles back up to speed is a priority. I need the small truck for gathering small supplies and the big truck for moving sets and pulling the parade float. The other domestic vehicles need attention too, so for the time being they have to be my priorities.

I often post on Facebook, and I am developing a Fan Page for the Gnomes of New Hope. When I get that working right I'll put a link in the header. If you search for my name Arthur Greisiger in Facebook you can see some of those posts and some other stuff, like my poetry and photography, which I am beginning to post, simply because I am getting older and that stuff does no good sitting in my drawer. I might as well post it.

So the business Plan is coming along nicely. It is certainly sufficient for serious review to any professional organizations who may request it, but I also realize that as a process it will just continue, since I need to design the Operations Manuals for each of those organizations. So on my end of it I will just continue moving forward. But on the investors and Producing Partners end of it, if you are one of those persons who fit into that category, and I mean fitting into that category by Securities Exchange Commission standards, then it will be on you to contact me to discuss matters.

I, on the other hand, have literally thousands of things to do, in every aspect of this show, other shows that are on the boards, and refinement of the studio. So do not expect me to be spending too much time with direct solicitations. I expect to locate representation for this show on multiple levels, so that is part of my goals and frankly I am looking for self-starters, people who have reviewed the materials I have posted and can tell me how they fit in. That may not work, but for now that the only way I can proceed.

I refuse to play that Hollywood game. Been there, Done that. I'll let the agents do that.

So if you are a Hollywood, New York, or London type and you see the potential, it's on you to bring that up. There are dozens of other cities in the Primary Markets where we can initiate activity so I am open to all that as well.

I'm too busy and too intolerant to jump thru any hoops, especially the ones that lead to wasting my time and being taken for a sucker. Not to be rude, but I've seen it before, all too many times.

Basically there are two ways to go; build IMS into a major operation around The Gnomes or sell the whole project outright to a major player. There are other variations to that theme, but I do have my preferences. Let's see what happens.

So... that's all for now. AG

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sample of the Libretto

Here is 
Act One, Scene One
The Gnomes of New Hope 
Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure

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