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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gnome Fest

One part of The Gnomes of New Hope is "Gnome Fest". That is a component in the story, but it is also a Festival Production that we are developing as part of our presentation of the Core Materials. This Festival involves Vendor Booths and schedules staging events, all centered around the fantasy cultures of The Gnomes of New Hope, The Elves of Holicong, The Sprites of the Forest, The Strong & Beautiful Twin Brothers, The Elder Gnome and other stories of The Gnomic Tales created by Image of the Mind Studios but also all those other stories and characters created by anyone else who participates in Gnome Fest.

So with that in mind, if you care to be involved in helping to produce Gnome Fest, or care to be involved when the Festival takes shape, do let me know.

Just as a way of conveying some of what Gnome Fest will offer - if you do a search for The Meadow Amphitheater, you will find the stage we used when we were doing Shakespeare in the Park. It is my intention to design the parade float for the Gnomes of New Hope to be able to expand into a remote stage, which will be used for Gnome Fest. It is very likely that Gnome Fest will travel, since the apex of Gnome Fest is a presentation of the Stage Musical and/or the puppet show.

Along those lines, I'd like to say that the core materials are nearing completion and we are beginning to move toward production. Some finance activities are taking place and we are hoping that more resources will become available to us. There are a number of very viable product lines which are advancing and developing nicely. Those subjects cannot be discussed here, for the obvious reason that it is important to keep these activities, and the results of that work secure, and in the hands of our partners, but it is encouraging to see these aspects of the project falling into place. I do reiterate that specific advancement in these arenas need to be taking place out of Image of the Mind Studios at our Southampton location.

Once again I encourage inquiry by interested parties. An email will eventuality get answered, those of you who have my phone number can call and be sure to leave a message if you don't get thru, those of you who know where the studio is, stop by to talk. I am not going to post any further information here, because any further communication by parties I do not know will need to take place thru an agency. A few of the majors know where to find me. Sorry, but I can't make it any easier than that, I'm pretty busy. That's all. Thanks for watching what's going on. AG

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Other thoughts

Conversations about the magnitude of this project have led me to decide that focusing on the Production Work Schedule is probably the most productive thing to do right now, in terms of Production Management. So with that in mind I will be identifying the progression of activities and setting criteria for prioritization. This will inevitably lead us into the budget structure followed by the Production Breakdown. So generally, those Production Management activities will be advancing. In terms of the Garden Gnomes, I'm most interested in getting busy sculpting more of the collection, so I am setting up that department in the studio. Well, those are some thoughts that haunted me last night. That's all for now. AG

Monday, November 21, 2016

Current Focus of Attention

As an effort to create the Digital Libretto I have been integrating the Score and MP3s of the music. I've put the Lead Sheets, Score and MIDI Orchestral Versions of the music into the Libretto and I will be shifting to do the same to the e-Storybook as well. It is a phenomenal advancement in the presentation materials. All of these materials are available for review to Industry Professionals and Investors with the submission of a Restrictive Covenant Agreement.

Also, the Garden Gnome project is picking up speed because, frankly, I put the Constable Warren Garden Gnome in my Atrium and I am very excited about that. So we are also discussing creating a Garden Gnome Cyclorama of each scene. This would be an outdoor walk thru Garden Presentation and I do expect that will lead into the Animatronic project and also the Gnome Fest Project. Both of these efforts are connected to the Little Theatre and Festival presentations. So I am working more in those directions, while remembering that publishing and distributing the seven book set is key to the overall success of the project in the retail markets. Some further work on the details of producing the Parade Float has also taken place as well, as the set components for that arena will cross over into the Little Theatre.

I would reiterate that the magnitude of this project is most definitely best suited for a large organization capable of implementing numerous complex markets simultaneously and with that in mind, I am limiting my efforts to the development activities of those numerous markets rather than making any attempts to implement presentation or distribution. As I have said, preservation of the overall value is key and I remain open to discussion on the subject. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am interested if filling the Board of Executive Producer positions for the Elder Gnomes Joint Venture. This requires a buy-in of the 1M shares per board Position at $1 per share. Discussions on this project indicate that the utilmate market could easily rise to 1B.

That being said I will continue to work off of Front Money at the capped rate of 300% distributed in accordance with the distribution of profits identified in the LP Agreement. I could almost maintain the Front Money Agreement into production funds because the potential of return is so high with this project. But even so, the FM remains capped at 250K for the time being. My current effort ois to raise the 50K needed to complete the illustrations for the storybook and begin moving into animation. I maintain these objevtives as I have for a number of years. So if you are interested in participating, you will need to let me know. As I have also stated, all activities will continue to be based from my Southampton Studio location. Nothing much new here but things are advancing nicely and we remain dedicated to all the objectives which have already been stated.

That's all for now. AG

Sunday, November 13, 2016

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