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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Business Plan

As it stands now, I am preparing the Business Plan, with Samples of the Libretto, Illustrated Storybook, Merchandising Items and Music as a Digital Presentation document. Most of the materials are ready for review and they will be available to Industry Professionals with a Restrictive Covenant Agreement. I am preparing The Gnome Gnog materials for licensing for the Adult version as a brewed beverage and the non-alcoholic version to be marketed "alongside" the hot chocolate products in supermarkets, etc. That product line will be licensed and all the Illustrations and Music will be part of that Licensing Package. Interested parties should inquire, but I remind everyone that all activities will be taking place out of my studio in Southampton, so you will have to come to me. I am unwilling to jump through any hoops, I'm too old for all that! And I have too much work to be running around looking for opportunities that never manifest, you know how that goes.

We're working on financing, and I am still working-off-of Front Money, so If you want a good deal on a return, send some coins my way. I'm working to develop the "Garden Gnome Product Line and I feel like that is a very good arena to pursue. There are numerous product lines, as I have discussed elsewhere, and I am willing to shift my attention anywhere that will result in cash flow (of course that is contingent upon maintain the overall modus operandi of protecting the product as a whole). That being said, I am also looking for sculptors who can develop out figurine product lines, if you are capable of that and interested, let me know. Realistically, the bulk of my efforts are on scoring the music, which is an unbelievably massive amount of work, which truthfully calls for fundraising, which unfortunately interferes with the process. It's a real catch 22!

So, We're still alive and moving forward, mostly it's just me, until I raise the money needed to pay people. Truth be told I can work three to five times as fast as I did when I was trying to manage other peoples creative productivity! For now the essential work needed required my undivided attention, so managing other peoples work is distracting from the more significant Creative Decisions which need to be made and confirmed. So I move forward with scoring and preparing the release materials, a job that is most effective when it is done by one person, without the distraction of aligning different opinions about how to best proceed. When I raise enough money (somewhere around 100K) then I'll be able to get a few other folks onto projects which need to be done. Until then I chug along as best I can.

Part of the Business Plan is to sell off Board Positions in "The Elder Gnomes Joint Venture" There are nine million shares divided across the Board, of which I am the Chairman. So there are one million shares per Board position. Membership on the board requires a buy-in at $1 per share. The clincher is that the shares remain property of the Joint Venture with a clause for recoupement of the buy-in, until the stock-split, After the split the board members can own the stock they buy, but until then the Joint Venture owns the stock. So I will be looking to fill eight board positions. There are two other organizations, a management company and a production company involved as well, but that is all described in the business plan. All of this allows for a buy-out, up until the Board positions are filled, after which the organizational structure must be adhered to. So if you are an organization or individual with other ideas, I suggest you speak up before the contracts are locked in.

That's all for now. As always I welcome inquiry. AG