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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Recent Updates

3/13/16 Production line time studies are underway for assembling the published edition of the Gnome-Sized Booklets. The primary focus is to bring production in line with the budget estimations which are required for viable production in-house assembly and wholesale distribution. Other matters of concern are setting up the production line workstations and the sound/green screen stage in building four (particularly for our work with Sing-a-long videos and puppetry). Mechanical design and fabrication is moving into building three, while wood fabrication is moving over to building four, at least until the metal fabrication can be established in building three. Then a set assembly and some degree of fabrication will be set up again in building three. Costuming is moving into building three, while the lighting requirements of the sound stage is under review. The entire studio is being rewired and some work is taking place on plumbing as well. So these items are affecting the production line for publishing. I am still considering the implications of distributing in-house vs. using a broker. For the time being everything is in-house, at least until such time as a third party can guarantee quantity. So any retail outlets will need to speak to me directly to acquire inventory, as all of the sales will be going through our sales office. Anyway you look at it the margin for the broker comes out of the retail margin and not manufacturing. So unless you are willing to share your cut with a broker, you will need to deal directly with IMS Publishing. Also the Point of Purchase display is being refined before any release can occur. I do expect the initial release to happen in Bucks County only and once that has proven successful, then we will move to other possibilities. But I do believe that the initial release will be jointed to a fundraising effort to secure the funding to complete the remianing illustrations for the complete three volume/seven book set. That's all for now. AG 3/6/16 - The Layout for the Gnome-sized edition is in the final stages of refinement.The business plan is also being refined and has reached the stage where the value of the project has been identified at 14 million. I am splitting the shares in half and creating seven board positions. Six of those positions are up for sale to the legitimate and competent persons who will fill those positions. All activities will be taking place in-house. Those board positions are for a share in The Elder Gnome Joint Venture. This organization will be adjacent to IMS Mgmt Inc. which will manage the affairs of The Gnomes of New Hope Productions and The Elder Gnomes Joint Venture. Image of the Mind Studios will remain the development arm of the structure and Studio 1325 will be the production facility, with numerous capabilities including Green Screen, Animation and the full range of required crafts. Operations are focused on refining the working environment and setting up a production line for the publishing operation. The details of this scenario are not generally available over the internet and I have basically redirected my focus of attention away from internet activities, as there is much to be done within the studio, which is significantly more important that conveying this information to persons who explore the internet but never act on anything more than that. I have concluded that the very real action is taken by persons who are hands-on and not mere observers. So if you are an actual doer and not a watcher, let me know. I have too much to do than to waste my time in anticipation of expecting watchers to do anything more than exactly that. I need doers to be involved. If you are a doer, let me know. As the saying goes- fish or cut bait. AG