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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Gnome-sized Edition

Well, the layout has finally been properly configured to serve for numerous publications. This first edition will be distributed with the Business Package to industry professionals and the sample run will be establishing the production line techniques and helping to determine the end product cost. My anticipation is that the booklets, which consist of approximately one hundred pages in each of the seven books in the three volume set, will sell individually for about $4.95 MSRP with the boxed set selling for $30. The larger sized books would be more, obviously. As it stands now, I need to acquire the IBSN numbers for the entire line of published products, although I don't include the published music in that assessment. So basically, I am in the mode of finalizing the price structure to assure that we actually show a profit. All product will be shipped out of Image of the Mind Studios for inventory and quality control. Battery is dying so, that's all for now. AG

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Focus of Attention

While The Gnomes of New Hope is the subject of this Blog, it seems that numerous other matters are in need of attention. The creative materials for the Gnomes is advanced enough that a shift away from production work is appropriate. So with that in mind, the Industry package is continuing to be refined and almost ready for distribution. But what this means is that the further advancement of the project will be completely contingent upon agency representation. This is not so much because we cannot advance with out such representation, because we certainly can move forward in a number of arenas... and we will in due time. But for now, the focus of attention has to be on refining the production facilities and tending to equipment acquisition and repairs. Now this would be because; when it became clear just how viable The Gnomes of New Hope was, the energy had to be focused on refining those materials. Now that the bulk of those materials are sufficiently finished, the attention needs to return to other matters which are effectively getting in the way of practical and rapid advancement. Those matters directly effect the ability to move into production in a proper way, but more than that, attending to those matter will make production much more effective and self-contained. So in order to focus on these matters, the modus operandi is to engage agency representation and thus free up, not only, the creativity when we move into production, but also bring the studio environment into a more balanced and effective sense of order. So you may not see a great deal of pitching going on here on this blog. I have a wide range of other projects that are in various stages of development so there may be some shifting into those other projects if the Gnomes does not advance of it's own accord. Keep an eye out here, I will try to post as it is possible, but since the focus is on the studio more so than on the projects, those posts will likely end up on the IMS Virtual Studio site at Admittedly, I have begun to write an Opera which is based on The Apocalypse so my attention is on that to some degree. AG