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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Other work

There have been quite a few product lines which have been developed at IMS. I am looking at building inventory on these product lines, which may have a direct effect of the momentum of The Gnomes. So I am focusing somewhat on the product showroom and the sales office. That means that activities will certainly have an effect on the Gnomes production activities. Ultimately, those sales & manufacturing activities directly affect the work on the Gnomes, however, focusing on that aspect of things does not really distract from the Gnome activity as much as enhance it, but it does redirect the focus to other marketing efforts as well as manufacturing, since obviously the production line for those products is different than the one for Gnome products. But any way you look at it, refining the shop is required for any direction we take, whether it is the Gnomes or some other project. It would be most advantageous to focus all the energy specifically on details of The Gnomes, but if that is not moving forward as rapidly as we would like, we will clearly move into other projects. Hopefully activities on the Gnomes will kick up to a higher degree, sooner rather than later, because I certainly would not want to get distracted into another direction. Realistically, I will follow the most productive path, whatever it is. Admittedly, directing resources into inventory of other product lines clearly takes away from converting those resources into production assets for the Gnomes though. If you are a potential production partner on the Gnomes of New Hope, I suggest you make your voice known. The Business Plan is almost ready to distribute. AG

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Continuing with work on Illustrating the Storybook

Returning the the subject of artwork. A large part of Volume Three still needs to be illustrated. This means I will need to raise the funding for that operation. I exect that to be around thirty grand. Our approach this time around is to design the illustrations so they can serve the purpose of producing the animations for the sing-a-long videos. The descriptions of the panels are completed and they have been integrated into the layout for the storybook. If it seems like the funds for continuing with the illustrations are not forthcoming, then I expect I will move to applying what we have to the storyboards for the film. I am seeking, as I have for some time, representation for the overall project. So that is part of my current efforts. The business plan that is developing accommodates forward momentum with or without representation. Since we are building a sound stage in the studio, and I have been a filmmaker for many years, we can move forward in-house in any event. The difference being that moving forward with the resources currently available to me is a great deal slower than anyone would want. But we'll see what happens there. I have more work than anyone ever would want to have, so it's not like there's nothing else to do. On a different subject - I started working on Act III of "I AM Alpha & Omega" and it is going to be high opera, based on the Apocolypse. So that' a huge task. Again, we'll see what happens. Main focus for the time being is rebuilding the vehicles that need new engines. That's all for now. AG

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Notes on the Business Plan

The Business Plan has been developing for the last few months. There is a comment in the IMS Virtual Studio, so refer to that for a short synopsis. The materials are not quite ready to distribute, but they will be delivered to Industry Professionals who make a request in that regard. A Restrictive Covenant Agreement will be required and is part of the introductory package. No further business details will be presented on-line, now that we are bordering on production in a number of arenas. After momentum picks up with investment and production management, publicity materials will be presented, but the intimate details of Production management are reserved for our staff and our vested partners. Inquiries are always welcomed and the address information can be found elsewhere. AG