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Friday, April 17, 2015


I expect to be discontinuing my internet service with Verizon due to a billing dispute. Keep an eye on the IMS Virtual Studio for other notes in this regard. If you need to communicate via email use; or Facebook

or preferably back up your communications by sending it to:

Image of the Mind Studios
1325 Industrial Boulevard, Southampton, Pennsylavania 18966

It is not clear how this will be resolved.
I'm sorry for this inconvenience.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cover to The Gnomes of New Hope

I thought I'd post some of Volume One
as a way of exemplifying the layout of the e-Storybook.

 The image ratio is matched to an e-pad
and it looks great on it.

the front cover

a credit page
(this page reads easier than it appears at first glance)

inside front cover

inside front flap, side one
(in actuality there will likely be in excess of 800 pages

inside front flap, side two

Rear cover

Look for the Introduction to Volume One
which provides samples of the
page layout.

Portions of Volume Two/Act One
will appear when it is ready for purchase.


Introduction to Volume One

    Well, here is the Introduction to The Gnomes of New Hope: Volume One. 
The page layout is is very similar to the rest of the Storybook. 
The difference being that the text in the Storybook
does not have color highlighting the wording.
I think that would be too distracting over the span of 850 plus pages. 

   Also the Storybook has many illustration panels which depict a scene,
 in addition to the sort of clips you see here.
I may yet include the first scene here when
the entire e-Storybook is ready for purchase.
However, there are still numerous programming aspects
which need to be properly implemented, before this can be released, 
So I am no certain how long that will take.

Well, I think this pretty much explains it.
I am looking for Representation for this project
as well as financing for the various  larger aspects
of what we can do with it.

As I mention here we have a good amount of additional
 Illustration work to do and when we do develop t
he funding to proceed with that, 
we will be moving into animation. 
It is my position that I can build the Illustrations 
from the animation artwork almost easier than doing illustrations 
without the goal of making animation. 
Certainly using animation artwork would be more flexible 
than simply illustrating the book.

If you are a television or film professional, or distribution outlet, 
now would be a good time to talk about getting in on the animated products.
I have a puppet job on-line, so I might be shifting over 
to spending some time on puppetry again,
as the green screen on our stage is also moving forward.

The Three Volume Set will be made available to Industry Professionals
upon a written request and submission of 
a Restrictive Convenance Agreement
which I will provide upon request along with some basic terms,
many of which have already been posted here on this blog. 


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some images

Here's an illustration of the Finale from the Storybook
just to break up the text in this blog.

This is the Gnomeville
The Centre of All Gnomanity!

You can see the assortment of characters we have in this layout.
It looks rather dark and contrasty as it is posted here
but it's just a sample.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I found that I posted a rather thorough update on the IMS Virtual Studio which turned out to be about the Gnomes. Check it out. AG

Preliminary Sales Flyer

Here's a View of "Gnomes in a Gnutshell"

The OFFICIAL RELEASE of the product
will not take place 
until I have orders for 
100,000 units placed Nationally.

This is the criteria necessary
to bring the product on line
for various reasons.

This image needs to be revised because it does not include
the lanyard which will be part of the package

We are currently setting up the production line
and are beginning to build our supply inventory
and equipment for manufacturing.

these products will be
and our Associated Partners

If you care to be involved in
The Manufacturing Process
for ANY of our Ancillary Markets,
Please contact me.

More details and images will be posted here
on an ongoing basis. 

A Point-of-Purchase Display
 which presents 18 units
and contains storage space
 for 100 units
is available at additional cost.

Minimum purchase for wholesale pricing is 50 units.

Orders will be filled
on a first come first served basis
in the order they are received.

I am taking Pending Orders
from retailers via e-mail.
A sample package will be available upon request
and submission of a Purchase Order and Deposit.
(Contact me for details)

This e-Storybook is based on the Stage Musical.
It may be appropriate to delay
the release of the Storybook
until we have sufficient vocal renditions
of the music recorded 
so that the album of music can be available
as a companion to this e-Storybook.

Also, it would be most advantageous for us
to release the hard copy
of this Illustrated Storybook
simultaneous to the release of the e-Storybook,
along with some more of the video animation
for marketing support.

These aspects are under consideration
and may require partnering with
other organizations to achieve.
If this is a subject of interest to you
please contact me in this regard.

"The Gnomes of New Hope: 
Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure"

will be available from this web site
 (after the Official release to retail outlets)
at the retail price of $37.50 
for the three volume set.