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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updated Introduction

Welcome to this site for The Gnomes of New Hope.

I will be continuing to transfer information about our production efforts to this site,
however, at this point the site is under construction.

For your reference: all older posts are moved to the lower portion 
and listed under the heading Archive. 
That is the case in all my postings when I update them. 
I do, however remove as much redundancy as I can.

The status of all the blogs hosted by Google is that;

After switching to Safari my editing capabilities are greatly improved and so I will be working to build this web site and move the relative postings over here from
The IMS Virtual Studio.

I do expect to be posting the color artwork from 
The Illustrated Storybook
 doing a layout for the 
Traveling Gallery Exhibition
at some point.

I will post when that happens on the IMS Virtual Studio and on Facebook.

Refer to 
for all postings on 
The Gnomes of New Hope
Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure

  • Welcome to the new blog for The Gnomes of New Hope.  Here I will be posting the Production Approach Summary, images of the illustrations, updates on the various aspect of production and links to relative other production elements.
  • Some of the postings will be open to comment by members of of the production team and others will be open to public comment
  • You will also find items for sale as I set up the PayPal and product catalog. Eventually this will also be the site where you will be able to buy tickets to the various shows which we are producing.
  • So keep watch here as this web site grows and the information abut the show is either moved or posted.

Transferring posts from IMS Virtual Studio

Well it's a new year, so I see that a Google search will bring up this page, which I never really finished building. 

That being the case, I ought to make an effort to transfer the posts from the IMS Virtual Studio to here, where they belong.

Here is a link to The IMS Virtual Studio where most of the information on The Gnomes of New Hope is (as of this date 1/10/13).  Once I have the posts copied over to here, I will create a link to bring you back here.

Sorry for the inept web page. AG